Packages and Pricing


$699 for first 50 Guests and then only $6 for each additional Guest 

Just like our Traditional Package, we capture wedding Toasts and special words of advice from all your guests whether they can attend your wedding day event or not and create you an unforgettable video keepsake. 

But with the Premier Package, your video keepsake will be filled with lots of personized customization from background music, customized theme background, photos and videos you provide us from pre and day of the wedding.  We take care of all the invitations and follow up with your Guests and curate a professional video Keepsake. No matter what the size of your wedding – The Toast Premier package comes with the following to help create a unique personalized memorable Toast video just for you.  

  • Concierge Service: Dedicated “The Toast” concierge to take all the planning off your hands. 
  • Professional video editing and storytelling team 
  • Guest Invitations:  
    • Unlimited electronic invitations, with automated reminders and notifications for video submissions. 
    • We will Print and Ship The Toast enclosure cards to be included in your wedding invitations 
  • The Guest App 
    • Customized Mobile and Desktop application for recording your guests’ videos. 
    • Your photos and custom color palette for personalization of the Guest experience. 
    • Questions for Guests: Four separate questions for guests to answer plus a Toast to the Bride and Groom.  Up to 40 seconds of raw video from each guest. 
  • Keepsake Video 
    • You get an extended 10 to 15-minute final video 
    • We create a custom background template based on your wedding colors, flowers, and theme. 
    • Choose your own songs to be incorporated into the video 
    • Submit 30 photos, 2 minutes of pre-wedding videos and 2 minutes of day-of-wedding videos that are used to enhance your story. 
    • Tag 20 of your guests as VIP’s to be made a priority in the video compilation  
    • Record a Thank You Message for inclusion as the intro and exit of the final keepsake video. 
  • Miscellaneous 
    • We will Print and Ship The Toast Posterboard, Tabletop Tripod and/or Table Tent guest instruction for recording at your reception. 
  • Final video available for guests to view easily in guest app for six months 
  • Download all the raw videos at end of event  

The Toast DIY Package

The Toast Traditional Package

The Toast Premier Package

The Toast Booth

Toast Package Comparison

  Traditional Premier
Keepsake Video Length
5-7 Minutes
10 to 15 Minutes 
First 50 Guests
Additional Guests
$5 Each
$6 Each
Dedicated The Toast Concierge
Professional Video and Storytelling Team
Electronic Invitations
The Toast Enclosure Cards
Ready to Print
Printed and Shipped
Guest App Access
Additional Guest Questions
Background Music Selection
RoyaltyFree Music
Choose your Own Music 
Background Theme Selection
Choose from
Standard Templates
Custom Background
Created Just for you
Personal photos to be included
in your wedding keepsake video.
10 Photos
30 Photos
Personal Pre – Wedding Videos
to be included in your wedding keepsake video.
2 Minutes
Personal Day–of-Wedding Videos
to be included in your wedding keepsake video.
2 Minutes
VIP Guests
Record a Thank You Message
Record at your wedding using the Guest App
Posterboard Instructions
Ready to Print
Printed and Shipped
Table Tent Or Table Tripod Instructions
Ready to Print
Printed and Shipped
Final Video Available in Guest App
6 Months
12 Months
Download Final and All Raw Videos

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