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Designed for medium-sized wedding, this package brings a touch of grandeur to your celebration. It includes a lavish collection of toasts and marital advice, ensuring a regal experience for you and your loved ones
Price: $799.00
  • Up to 75 Guests can submit videos
  • Tag 15 VIP’s Guests to prioritize in video

Capture wedding Toasts and special words of advice from all your guests on whether they can attend your wedding day event or notWe take care of all the invitations and follow up with your Guests and curate a professional video KeepsakeNo matter what the size of your wedding - All packages come with the following to help create a unique personalized memorable Toast video just for you

Add more questions to get better Guest content, customize the Guest recording experience, personalize automated messages that encourage your Guests to participate, and enhance your Keepsake Video with more pictures, photos and music.
NOTE: Everything from the standard package is included.

Professional Toast Booth Setup and Booth Attendant, Unlimited Videos, 4 hours On-Site

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The Toast Royale Package


Toast Package Comparison

  Standard Premium
Five (5) to Seven (7) Minute Video Keepsake
Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) Minute Video Keepsake
Dedicated "The Toast" Concierge
Unlimited Guests Invitations
Total Number of Guests who can Submit Videos (Sip&Smile/Royal/Grand)
Total Number of VIP Guests (Sip&Smile/Royal/Grand)
Automated Guest Reminders and Notifications to submit their videos
Customized Guest App for recording videos
Upload Photo’s to customize the Guest App
Upload custom color palette
Upload Photos for Final Video
Record Videos via downloadable Guest App or via Web Portal
Record Thank you message for Intro and Exit to be included in final Keepsake Video
Includes royalty free soundtrack for Final video
Choose custom songs for the video soundtrack
Choose from Standard Templates
Choose from Premium Templates or upload a custom theme
Two Standard Questions: Toast the Bride and Groom and Give Some Words of Advice
Additional Three (3) questions for your guests to answer
Personalize Automated Reminders and Notifications messages

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