The Perfect Wedding Gift: The Toast™

Unique, Timeless, and Stress-Free

End the Struggle of Wedding Gift Giving

Want to give a wedding gift they’ll never forget? Discover something truly special!  

With The Toast™, you’ll give a personalized, emotional present that becomes an enduring memory long after the wedding day. It’s a heartfelt video keepsake filled with wholehearted well-wishes from all of the couple’s dearest – a gift that genuinely warms the soul.

Why You (and the Couple!) Will Adore The Toast™

  • Meaningful & Personal

    Packed with laughter, tears, and treasured advice – a truly one-of-a-kind experience the couple can't get anywhere else. 

  • Timeless Keepsake

    A cherished reminder of their special day, revisited and enjoyed for years to come. 

  • Zero Stress for You

    We take care of the details. Relax knowing you've given a gift they'll always remember, without the hassle of traditional gift shopping.

  • Celebrate Together, Even from Afar

    Everyone near and far can participate, ensuring no one feels left out. The Toast™ bridges distances and lets everyone share in the love. 

How The Toast™ Gift Works (It's Really This Simple!)

  1. Choose Your Perfect Package: Let’s get started! Schedule a call with a Toast concierge for personalized guidance in selecting the ideal gift. 
  2. Share the Excitement (Choose Your Way): 
    • DIY: We’ll provide a beautiful printable or digital gift certificate. Present it in person or send a heartfelt email (template included!). 
    • Let Us Take Care of It: We’ll reach out directly to the couple, revealing your amazing gift! 
  3. The Couple’s Easy Start: They’ll receive clear instructions to begin their Toast™ journey. 
  4. We Handle the Rest – It’s Like Magic! 
    • A dedicated concierge keeps everything on track – stress-free for everyone! 
    • Guests record their joyful messages with our easy-to-use app. 
    • Our expert team transforms these video messages into a stunning video keepsake the couple will cherish forever. 

Choose the Package That Fits Your Budget

Traditional Package
starting at $299

A thoughtful and heartfelt video keepsake – a great starting point for your amazing gift!  
  • Capture Memories: Toasts, advice, and well-wishes from all their loved ones. 
  • Celebrate with loved ones forever: Preserve toasts and well-wishes in a beautiful 5–7-minute video keepsake.
  • Keepsake Magic: Professionally edited video, customizable themes, and the couple's own photos. 
  • Easy for Guests: Simple invites and our intuitive app make sharing wishes a breeze. 

...and so much more! This package starts at $299 for up to 50 guests, with an affordable option to include additional participants. 

Premier Package
starting at $699

The ultimate wedding gift! This package offers an even more personalized and elegant keepsake, including: 
  • Themed to Perfection: Custom backgrounds and music to match their wedding style. 
  • Celebrate forever: Preserve the joy with a cinematic 10–15-minute video keepsake filled with toasts and well-wishes from loved ones recorded remotely and on-site.
  • More Memories: Space for extra photos, videos, and heartfelt guest messages. 
  • VIP Treatment: Prioritized placement for special guests and more. 

...along with additional premium features to make their keepsake truly extraordinary. This package starts at $699 for up to 50 guests, with a flexible option for their guest list. 

Want to explore all the possibilities for a perfect, personal gift?

Schedule a call with a Toast concierge! We’ll help tailor a package to fit your preference and create a wedding gift they’ll always remember. Gift The Toast Experience Today!