Don’t limit the wedding toast to just the bridal party and family. Let all your love ones leave a toast. TheToast– Wedding Toasts from Everyone!

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TheToast Transformation

TheToast is one of the most comprehensive guest toast software services which means you’re getting everything you need to provide an attractive opportunity and upsell your photography business, with no additional legwork! We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure wedding professionals have all the tools, functionalities, and software needed to make their jobs run smoothly and efficiently.



Through the Guest App, we’re able to collect TOAST Videos



The web app will allow wedding professionals to see the videos with catalogued information and filtereable meta information



Create a compelling tear jerker video from the collected content

What you get

Here’s everything you’ll get when using TheToast:

The Photographer’s Portal

    • Add, manage and track your clients and events
    • Progress Dashboard for all your events
    • Completely cataloged videos with meta tags and transcripted audio
    • Easy Search and Filtering of every video

The Event Organizer's Portal

    • Import Guest List and Send out Invitations
    • Setup Automatic Notifications and Reminders
    • Dashboard of all your Guests and Videos progress
    • Customize Guest App with pictures and personized messages

The Guest App

    • Guests Record and Submit there guests anywhere anytime
    • Download from Google or Apply Play Store or record on your desktop
    • Easy to Use interface – make a recording for each question
    • View samples videos and get ideas

The Custom Landing Page

    • No need to build your own marketing information for your Toast offering
    • Complete Landing page customized with your company details
    • Link directly from your current company page
The Ultimate Wedding Toast Software
What is TheToast?

TheToast, making your job easier and your clients happier.

Our wedding toast services are specifically designed to help wedding photographers compile guest toast videos in a more efficient, effective, and high-quality manner. We offer a suite of web-based applications that support photographers in the collection, organization, and management of wedding guest toast videos. This enables wedding professionals to focus on the creativity and personalization needed to make a tear-jerker and heart-warming compilation video for the wedding couple.

TheToast is an out-of-the-box technology that wedding photographers can benefit from using right away. It takes only a few minutes to set everything up, and you’ll start seeing returns with your first client. It’s already become an instrumental role in the success of dozens of wedding photographers and event planners, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit too! It’s easy to customize our toast software solution to meet your unique needs, workflow, and goals.

Our software is a one-of-a-kind SaaS Solution for wedding photographers and videographers.

It’s specifically designed for wedding photographers with a slew of features that make it easier to create and manage events, handle client interactions, encourage guest toasts, send invitations, track results, and so much more. TheToast is backed up with the most advanced tech in the industry, giving you a chance to offer a unique service and upsell your business so you can stay miles ahead of the competition.

If you have any questions about how TheToast can help you run a more successful wedding photography business, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

How It Works?

Using TheToast is a breeze. We’ve taken all the manual tasks of gathering videos of the wedding guests’ toasts to the bridal couple and combined them in a single, cost-effective, and easy-to-use web application. Here’s what it looks like to use TheToast.
1. Set up your landing page.
The first step is to set up your custom landing page advertising your new services to couples. The features of TheToast sell themselves as newlyweds are always looking to make things more affordable and convenient. The site will be optimized to rank higher on search results so you can outperform the competition.
2. Designate an event organizer.
If you’re up for the task, you can handle the event-organizing responsibilities or hand them over to your clients. TheToast has a separate event organizer dashboard to provide wedding photographers with greater flexibility depending on a client’s budget and preferences. Regardless, the setup process is quick and easy.
3. Customize your dashboard.
Now, you can get to work setting up your photography dashboard. This is where guests will submit their toasts. You’ll be able to organize, monitor, and track all videos from a single place. All videos are tagged with meta data and each message is transcribed so that your video editors can easily filter videos without having to view them. The functionality is intuitive, so you won’t have any trouble getting comfortable with the process or fitting it into your current workflow.
4. Hunt down guests to submit their toasts. No Need.
The final step is to encourage all wedding guests who’ve yet to submit to download the app and send their toasts to the newlyweds. All you have to do is set up notifications and reminders are automatically sent through the app! The guests who may have forgotten or need a little extra push will get the reminder they need, and you won’t have to worry about remembering who has or hasn’t submitted. It also increases the uniformity of the videos which makes it easier to create a cohesive video with a central theme.

Packages and Pricing

We offer three base packages to accommodate weddings of all sizes and budgets too. Each package is assigned a concierge that handles all the guest invitations and follow-ups.

The Sip &

Perfect for small weddings, this package offers a delightful blend of heartfelt toasts and hilarious messages that will make you sip your drink and smile with joy!
starts at $599

The Toast Royale Package

Designed for medium-sized wedding, this package brings a touch of grandeur to your celebration. It includes a lavish collection of toasts and marital advice, ensuring a regal experience for you and your loved ones.

starts at $799

The Grand Toastapalooza Package

Calling all couples with large weddings! Get ready for the ultimate toasting extravaganza. This package offers an abundance of heartfelt and hilarious messages that will keep the watch party going all night long!

starts at $999


Find a Professional Photographer

Looking for a qualified, talented, and available photographer who offers TheToast and can capture the best moments of your special day? You’re in the right place! We have a pool of highly qualified and creative wedding photographers specializing in making memories last with toasts from all your guests. You can easily filter through our wide range of options based on your specific preferences. Easily reach out to potential choices to gain a better understanding of how they can use TheToast to make your special day absolutely perfect!

A Dad’s Story…

My daughter Molly got engaged during 2021 and they decided right away to hold off the date until end of 2022 so that everyone could

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Elevate Your Wedding Experience With TheToast

Elevate Your Wedding Experience With TheToast

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A Dad’s Story…

A Dad’s Story…

My daughter Molly got engaged during 2021 and they decided right away to hold off the date until end of 2022 so that everyone could come. She found a beautiful



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