3 Tips, 2 Tricks and 1 Cheat for making a Memorable Wedding Slideshow

Every day is magical in its own way. However, there are some days that you’d want to relive for the rest of your life. Your wedding day can be one of those days. You deserve to have memories that you can preserve and enjoy forever.

Every day is magical in its own way. However, there are some days that you’d want to relive for the rest of your life. Your wedding day can be one of those days. You deserve to have memories that you can preserve and enjoy forever.

This is where wedding slideshows come in. Most people think that your wedding slideshow is about just your wedding reception. It is so much more than that! Long after your wedding, you can look at some of your best moments with loved ones over and over again on the slideshow.

Slideshows also add a certain spice to your celebration that nothing else can. That is why they are popular at weddings. To have a great slideshow, you, however, need to plan right and use smart ideas. Here are six important wedding slideshow ideas to help you prepare a memorable masterpiece.

The Tips

Use a Journey Concept

Your wedding day is a milestone in the journey of your love story. Using this as a concept for your slideshow is a fabulous idea. It makes it easier to showcase where things started and how they led to the moment of your wedding.

Some couples choose to start from when they met each other, through their relationship. For these, you can use pictures and short video clips of yourselves from when single and when dating. Some couples even choose to go right back to when they were kids. The results can be so beautiful and rewarding.

Interview Friends and Family

Adding clips of your loved ones speaking in a short interview can make it much more special. This concept is so awesome because you don’t even need to be there to do the recording. Your friends can also be anywhere worldwide and send in a clip.

A great way to go with this is to have those you interview send their best wishes. They could also share some lovely random info about your relationship. Some couples also include an interview with themselves to make it even more special.

You can then compile these into a lovely slideshow for your celebration. We share an easy way to do so at the end of this article. Some couples also choose to include some relatable social media posts from friends in this slideshow. You could even combine it with the journey concept above for a richer experience.

Let Your Wedding Be the Focus

If you tried to add every old picture of yourselves or your loved ones to this slideshow, it would be too long. So, try to keep your wedding in focus as you decide what videos and clips to use. It’ll help you narrow down choices and better celebrate the special magic that is your love.


Great Tricks That Work

The Right Type of Music

Your wedding celebration is a bit different from other events you might have hosted. When making a slideshow, it is important to use music that actually goes with the concept of that day. It doesn’t matter how much you love a song. If it doesn’t sound appropriate for a wedding, you should go with something else.

When it comes to music, you should also consider the lyrics in addition to the rhythm. For example, you cannot create your wedding slideshow with a rap song about drugs. Stick to something that celebrates love and relationships.

How Long Should Your Slide Show Last?

Most couples choose to have a slideshow that lasts for about 10 minutes. This time is ideal as it’ll captivate and catch the attention of your guests successfully. Anything longer could end up being too boring for your guests.

An Important Cheat You Need

TheToast App

TheToast is an app that makes creating a wedding slideshow in collaboration with your loved ones so easy and seamless. You should enjoy expressing yourselves. Plus, when you can create your wedding slideshow with ease, it’ll show in how awesome it turns out.

All you need to do to get started is go to our website. You can then invite your loved ones to download the app. There, they can add their video in response to lovely questions about the couple. Our TheToast will collect these videos together, catalogue, and provide these memories to your wedding professional, such as a photographer or videographer.  With this content, these skillful artists and artisans will stitch together, custom design and create a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece.

Couples who have used this service love how the app helps you keep track of the short videos and messages on a project page. That page is password protected, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. TheToast also combines your custom video with your color palette to ensure that you, your loved ones, and guests get an unforgettable experience.

In Conclusion

Creating a wedding slideshow is a great way to preserve your special love story and showcase it to loved ones on your wedding day. The above ideas are some ways you can create a masterpiece that you will be proud to show. Can you think of any other important wedding slideshow ideas? Best of luck!

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